Nurturing Moral Education

MEO GLOBAL is an online madrassa system co-founded by Radio Islam and CIER with the aim of cultivating a new generation of morally conscious people. MEO GLOBAL is a golden opportunity for those who do not have access to religious education in the midst of the hustle and bustle of physical education and for parents who want to live in the Correctional Madrasa system in different parts of the world.
A project to get a life-affirming religious education through games and activities at the discretion of the children.
Meo Global

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Radio Islam is the first Islamic online radio station in India, established in 2009 with the aim of utilizing the latest and modern technology in the field of Islamic propaganda. Radio Islam now has millions of listeners in more than 160 countries, facilitating the search for religious knowledge and the acquisition of religious knowledge through scientific bases.
Meo Global

Nurturing Moral Education Globally

The Council for Islamic Education and Research (ClER) is an educational committee formed over two decades ago with the aim of implementing modern educational psychology and teaching methods in the field of religious education. CIER is a modern renaissance in the field of religious education that has transformed madrassas into student-friendly by developing child-centered textbooks, life-affirming and child-friendly teaching methods.

Our Syllabus

CIER Syllabus Applying Child Psychology and Modern Educational Approaches. Child friendly, child-centered and action-oriented curriculum.


Training in recitation according to the Qur'anic recitation rules
Opportunity to learn Arabic letters from the alphabet
Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from the Islamic faith
Cultural instruction to be observed in the individual, family and community.
Training in the rituals of personal life
Formation of a basic understanding of Islamic history

Learning System

Classes 1 to 7
Maximum 25 children per class
Batches of two having classes on Tuesday & Saturday or Wednesday & Sunday
Thematic radio cluster
Personal Mentoring
Complete class system with 3 levels of Live Classes, Radio Cluster and Assignments
Continuous evaluation system
Individual support system
Special training for general examinations and knowledge examinations conducted by CIER
Online Reference Library


Admission on the basis of their knowledge and age for students who want to study morals through online media.

Age limit
5 years to 15 years

CIG Building, RM Road,
Calicut - 673002, Kerala, India
Phone: 7356815922 7559800120

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